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Strategy & Message Development

Long before any ad is cut or grassroots action ordered, we review available polling and research and work with you and your team to develop effective messaging.  We then draft a strategy that utilizes the tactics needed to succeed and includes the right mix of paid communication channels from tradition broadcast and cable television to digital.

Multiscreen Messaging

Television & Radio 


JGM has produced and placed millions of dollars in highly effective television and radio advertising throughout North America that has powered successful communication strategies and has received worldwide award-winning recognition.


Why we are better than most.: We don’t believe that television and radio always need to be used as a blunt object at maximum cost. We provide a more thoughtful analysis on how to use these mediums in a more tactical strategic approach that includes helping to publicly frame a message before others frame it in their own terms, influence opinion leaders and government officials, and sparking specific actions that draw press attention. 


Of course, there are times when the goal is pure reach and frequency -- and quickly. When the budget allows, bringing the blunt hammer down is an important piece of a paid communication plan. Broadcast television, cable, and radio can be essential to messaging into a media market, state, province, cable district, or entire country.


JGM media buyers construct broadcast, cable, satellite and radio buys by utilizing available audience viewing and listenership data to determine where to place our messaging. We also track any competitors and allies who are placing buys in the target region.


Digital Advertising


Today’s digital media mix is ever-evolving, fragmented, with varying platforms having different technical and creative abilities to deliver messages to targeted audiences. Making things more challenging: these platforms and government regulators are routinely changing advertisers’ ability to reach targeted audiences. JGM sorts it all out and comes up with a plan utilizing as needed the range of today's digital tools and and available platforms, from Facebook, Google Search and Spotify to highly targeted pre-roll video Connected Television (CTV/OTT) and programmatic video and display ads.


Our extensive paid digital communication experience and has delivered millions of dollars in targeted messaging to specific audiences for persuasion, grassroots activism, and fundraising across Canada and the United States.

Media Relations and Crisis Communication

Bud Jackson has successfully guided politicians, companies and organizations through countless crises and has helped generate positive front page stories, leading news segments, and viral Internet coverage.  His media relations work has taken him into state supreme courts, the bowels of the United States Capitol chased by the national press corps, the front steps of state capitols, and in front of banks of television news cameras.  He has driven national media coverage, worked to kill unfair and untrue stories, and managed critical stories with effective counsel.

Issue Advocacy & Grassroots Advocacy

Lobbying for specific legislation or pushing an agenda often requires direct citizen engagement and advocacy via e-mail, phone calls, video, social media channels, earned media tactics and more. We have done it all and we can help achieve your goals. 

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